Tom Miner


Cities You've worked in: It all started in Charlotte, NC! I was an intern at New Life 91.9, then went to Total Traffic/Clear Channel where I was a traffic/news reporter for a little while, then moved to DC working as a fill in and also a traffic/news reporter -- now, I'm here with you! 

Formats: I've worked in Contemporary and Christian Radio. 

Awards: Still waiting on one :) 

Family Life:

Who's in the family: Still have yet to get married and have kids! I come from a blended family -- My parents are Tom and Barbara, step Mom Laurie, brother David, and step sister Charlotte. Very sweet, loving and caring family. 

Hobbies: I love traveling--especially with my family! I have family spread across the country, and even some in England! 

Activities: Outdoor recreation! Whitewater rafting, kayaking, going to the beach, walking, gardening, fishing, spending time with my family. I'm super laid back, so I go with the flow with just about anything.

Pets: Holly (Miniature Sheltie!)

Some Questions for you:

1. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I LOVE that book. You read the book over the span of 40 days. My family and I read it from Thanksgiving to January 1st, that way we have an idea for solid resolutions for the new year. It was a great book for me to read. Rick Warren is a huge role model in my life. 

2. I love all sorts of music! Smooth jazz, contemporary, and the songs we play on this station! I grew up listening to a lite rock station, so I know my 80's and 90's music! 

3. I went to a concert called "The Faith Family and Freedom Celebration" while I was working in Charlotte, it was put on by the radio station I was with at the time. There were so many incredible Christian artists like Building 429, Matthew West, Mandisa and more. It was amazing. 

4. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood! I loved watching that show as I was growing up!

5. People would be most surprised about my family life. My sister, Missy, passed away when I was just kid. She was such a special part of my life. We even called ourselves twins, even though we weren't! We were so close. We had a such a special bond. My parents divorced, and re-married--so my family went from really small to really big! Life has definitely been a bit different for me and my family -- but we are extremely blessed. We are a work in progress! 

6. I have so many people who have greatly influenced my life. I can't narrow it down! I remember my Aunt Kathleen telling me an old saying when I was a kid--the saying was "Tell me who your friends are -- and I'll tell you who you are". That statement made a HUGE impact on my life. From that point on, I surround myself with people I aspire to be like. My parents and family have played such a HUGE role in who I am today.

I'd love to hear from you too. Send me an email at

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