| KML in the City | Authenticity - a mini session for women

Spokane Valley Library
12004 E Main Ave, Spokane Valley

June 23 at 4:00 pm

Does feeling flawed cause you to belittle yourself?

Did you know that most women don’t like themselves and hide for fear of rejection? 

Do you know people connect and build business relationships with those they like, view as genuine and are trustworthy? 

Whether you are a busy professional, ladyboss entrepreneur, want to start your own business, in ministry, stay at home mom or lead in anyway, being authentic will:

Give you a greater sense of purpose.

Reduce frustration.

Increase joy. 

Join us in this relaxing, fun and informative KML in the City mini session. Grow your influence and start the process today!

Space is limited. To Register: www.kmlministries.org/events


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