Micah Tyler Concert - presented by A Child's Hope Spokane

Life Center Spokane
1202 W Government Way, Spokane

September 14 at 7:00 pm

Don't miss this chance to hear Micah Tyler (Never Been a Moment) and his band at this benefit concert for A Child's Hope Spokane.

Tickets Prices:

  • General Admission - $20 (Doors open at 6:15p)
  • Early Entry - $30 (Doors open at 6:00p)
  • VIP - $40 (Doors open at 5:15p)
  • Group Tickets - $10 each for 10 or more

For tickets, visit achildshopespokane.org.

Questions? Call Melody at 509-328-2700.

About Micah Tyler:

Micah Tyler is a singer/songwriter and Texas native. Micah's true passion is to tell good stories and love people well. Having served in youth ministry for almost a decade, Micah has a true love and respect for the local church but also wants to make Gospel-centered music that has a style to attract the unchurched as well. Tyler has developed a style all his own which he is calling "Southern Soul." Birthed from the grooves and melodic influences of his childhood idols (Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, etc.) and mixed with the swamps and deep woods of southeast TX, Micah's music is growing a fan base of young and old alike.

When Tyler heard the call to use his talent in the service of the Lord, he was already married and a father of three kids, but once he committed himself to his faith and his music, he didn't look back. By 2013, Tyler had self-released his first album, The Story I Tell, and he was playing up to 200 dates a year at college campuses, youth events, and leadership conferences, primarily in the South and Southwest. A four-song release, The Kitchen Sink EP, followed in 2014. In May 2016, Tyler experienced an unexpected career breakthrough when a humorous video he made for a church leaders' conference, "You've Gotta Love Millennials," became a viral hit after it was posted online, racking up over 65 million views across several platforms. While the video exposed a wide audience to the funny side of Tyler's musical personality, his serious and spiritual side won an audience when his song "Never Been a Moment" made an impression on Christian radio. The song appeared on Tyler's EP Different, which was his first release for the independent Christian label Fair Trade Services.


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