Celebrating 100 Wells in Guatemala

Water for Life recently completed the drilling of its 100th well in Guatemala, providing clean drinking water for thousands of people! KEEH has been blessed to partner with this locally based ministry for many years. Thank you to our listeners, who have sponsored at least 10 of these wells through our annual Water for Life on-air fundraisers.

Water for Life International has been in operation for 13 years - with headquarters right here in Spokane. What began as a group of volunteers working to solve a contaminated water problem at an orphanage and school in Guatemala, has developed into an organization making a real impact in the lives of thousands of people in the region.

100 wells have been completed, but there is much more to be done. There are more than 200 villages in the region that do not yet have clean drinking water. You can support Water for Life through your fervent prayers and financial gifts.

Visit Water for Life International online to make a donation or for more information.


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