Water for Life: One-day Partnership Event

Wednesday, January 30

Join us on January 30 for our annual, one-day partnership event with Water for Life, a locally-based ministry which drills wells in Guatemala. Over the past 10 years, our listeners have sponsored the drilling of 13 wells, providing access to clean, fresh water in rural areas. See below for an update from Guatemala.

For more information about Water for Life, visit guatemalawells.com

Here is the latest report for Shine 104.9 listeners on the well drilling you've helped sponsor in Guatemala, from Water for Life chairman, Tim Rasmussen:

"I just returned from a quick trip to Guatemala. Because we are a non-profit corporation in Guatemala and own vehicles and import vehicles and heavy machinery, there is increasingly more and more scrutiny of our activities. We had questions about what we can do and how we do it. The meeting went very well with Dr. Mendez. He is the Executive Director of the local Ministry of Health. He is very happy to have Water for Life working in the area and to receive the donated medical equipment we send every year. He can see the difference in the health of the villagers that access to clean water makes. He has three villages which are in special need of wells. I asked him to prioritize them and we would try and do them all. He was very warm a cordial.

I also met with 8 men from Sayaxche. This is an area about 3.5 hours away from our shop. They want us to come and drill in seven villages in their area. They are very supportive of our drillers and efforts to help them and were very happy with the prospect that this coming season, we will come and try to help. I told them to begin preparations by gathering materials and making sure they were ready.

I also went to several villages to check on the wells there. One, the village of Santa Cruz, is several miles off the road. It is in a lovely valley and one of my favorite village locations. The folks there speak Q’eqchi’. (pronounced katchi) This is an ancient Mayan language. It is not Spanish and most of them do not understand Spanish. The people are fiercely independent. They welcome our efforts to help them, but the children are very shy and it was hard for me to get a picture of the children using the well. I do not think they see many tall white folks. The children smile, but turn their back when I try to get a photo. I did not have any treats with me to charm them. 

I also meant to say it was HOT. I have usually been there in the drilling season in January through April and it can be hot at that time of year, but not as hot as this. There was no escape. The humidity was just a high as the temperature. Sitting in front of a fan was a little like a convection oven. I have never been as glad for a trip to end and to get back to the cool weather that is coming with winter here in Spokane, Washington."


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