Brant Hansen and Sherri Lynn

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Brant Hansen is a self-professed, toast-obsessed nerd who, when in high school, was no less than PRESIDENT of the Illinois Student Librarians Association. He was also All-Conference in "Scholastic Bowl", and lettered in basketball and football (not as a player, but for keeping statistics), and was President of his own Stamp Collection Club, which consisted of himself.

He's also an "Aspie" - diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as an adult. And he's happy about it.

In addition to being a radio host, Brant serves with CURE International, a network of hospitals serving the poor around the world. In his spare time, he walks his three-legged dog, Nigel.

Brant is also a husband and dad, and he's won multiple awards for radio and is typing all of this himself, while putting it in third-person in hopes that it seems more impressive that way.


Sherri Lynn has been a radio professional for well over a decade and has a degree in Communications as well as Biblical Studies. 

Sherri Lynn began her career as a weekend host in Pittsburgh. From there she became the morning show host at Pittsburgh's number one gospel music station WGBN-AM 1150 and also gained popularity as afternoon host on Salem's 101.5 WORD-FM.

Sherri is a well accomplished comedienne, former youth pastor and currently is a producer/co-host for the nationally syndicated Brant Hansen Show.

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