Dave & Shauna Arthur

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Being a radio broadcaster is something Dave wanted to do since he was just 7 years old. His first job came along in January of 1984 at the ripe old age of 16 and it's all he's ever done since then. Dave and Shauna met in September 1988 and married in January of 1990! They have three amazing daughters and two sons-in-law. Because she married Dave, Shauna has been around the radio industry for over three decades. She's been a guest a number of times on Dave's show over the years but it was just a few years ago that they started to do the Shine 104.9 Morning Show together EVERY day! Shauna's had to put up with Dave's antics their whole married life at home... now she has to put up with them every morning for 5 hours too!!! Not only is Shauna an AMAZING wife (can you tell Dave wrote this?) she's been an amazing mom to their daughters Krista, Emily and Megan. Shauna has also led many women's retreats and regularly leads tours in the Holy Land, Israel, although that had to be put on hold the last couple of years because of some dumb pandemic. Shauna also co-authored a Bible study called "Feasts of Yahweh, The Mysteries of God" (available on Amazon ...Dave's shameless plug) that focuses on the Festivals of the Lord from Leviticus 23.  Dave and Shauna enjoy getting away to the mountains when they can, Dave loves wrenching on cars in his garage, Shauna puts up with Dave's car addiction, and you'll find their hearts full when all the kids (and their spouses) are at the house for dinner followed by games like Dominos. They share much of the crazy stuff that happens in their family's day to day every weekday morning on Shine 104.9 from 5am-10am along with their trusted pal, Derek Cutlip. Join them as you start your day! 

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