Doug Hannah

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I am a Christ-follower, a proud husband, and dad. I have been married to my wife Julie since 1988, and we have 4 kids, with 3 grandkids! I come from Michigan originally. I like saying things on the radio that build people up and remind us of God's grace, which really is AMAZING. Thanks for listening.

Other Cities I’ve worked in: Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Nashville

Who’s in the family (how many kids, names, ages): Julie and I have been married since 1988, and we have four grown kids Stephanie, Melissa, Michael and Christopher, with 3 grandkids

Hobbies: Collecting and listening to vinyl records and photography.

Activities: I'm trying to read more books and be online less. I'm a movie buff. Just listening to music through a nice set of speakers with no screens, no other distractions is something I do often to bring calm and improve my mood.

Pets: We are cat people. We have one cat, Bella, and she’s pretty awesome.

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