Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan was born in Azle Texas, relocating with her family to Houston in the 2nd grade. At the age of 24 she decided she was ready for something different.  This began a journey to several cities and formats in her 26 year radio career. Taylor’s spin into radio began with Country Music in Texas, and then on to Binghamton, New York.  Being young and adventurous, she “knew” there was no place to go for the real Country vibe but Nashville, Tennessee.  Eventually, Taylor’s deep family roots landed her in Tri Cities Tennessee doing Top 40 Morning Radio for 12 years before going onto Christian Radio where she says she intends to stay. 

Taylor is a single parent of two children under the age of 15. She knows the joys and challenges that arise in everyday life. Taylor truly rejoices in the success and happiness of others while also sharing compassion and understanding as she spreads positivity and hope to others dealing with harsher life situations. She felt pain and frustration herself, walking the path of her own painful and unwanted divorce. She now realizes that this journey brought her closer to God. She says that as her faith grew she learned to put all things in HIS hands and could feel HIS love surround her. Taylor can be heard on the radio relating to the realities of today’s world and spreading encouragement.

Want to contact Taylor? Send an email to her at: studio@shine1049.org

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