Ceremony of Remembrance

Lake City Church
6000 N. Ramsey Rd

December 2, 2023 - 10am-12pm

Please join us as we remember the loved ones we have lost, whether recently or long ago, at our annual Ceremony of Remembrance.

This community-wide event will include a complimentary ornament, a guest speaker, and reading of the names of our precious loved ones. Our guest speaker is Mary Anne Ruddis, the executive director of Elevations A Children’s Therapy Resource Foundation. She is a grief educator and counselor, who often walks with families dealing with the grief of childhood cancer diagnoses. Mary Anne has extensive personal experience with grief having lost her husband and two of her three children.

Please register to give us the names of your loved ones you want to honor at lakecity.church/ceremony of remembrance If you have any questions regarding the registration process or this event, please email us.


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