Greater Than Conference

North Church
8303 N Division St. Spokane, WA 99208

Thursday, March 5 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

Join church leaders, parents, young adults, and students from around the region as we engage in the conversations surrounding sex, sexuality, and relationships.

Pastors and Chruch Leaders - March 5 - Noon to 2pm Come listen to 5 pastors explore recent data and have a conversation surrounding a topic impacting many in our pews…and in our pulpits. Please join us for this FREE lunch and bring your entire leadership team!

Young Adults - March 5 - 7pm to 9pm Conversations surrounding sex are not as rare as they once were in our churches. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue the dialogue and grow in our understanding of God’s grand design as the sex-maker. This time is meant to be an encouragement to young adults to learn how to align your sexual lives with the Creator’s design.

Students - March 6 - 6pm to 9pm SEXUALITY, SELF-IMAGE, AND PORNOGRAPHY: These three forces can cause us to have a number of questions. They can tell us things about ourselves and others that are simply not true. Seeking God, learning to be obedient, and saying YES to His best is not easy. Come listen as they discuss what it means to align our lives with the Creator so we might flourish sexually.

Parents - March 6 - 6pm to 9pm Every year we invite experts to help you as a parent navigate the world your son and daughter live in. Kids inhabit a world filled with nonstop access to pornography and a media culture that only perpetuates their continued sexualization. This is the ONLY section that has a small fee.

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