Listener Appreciation Concert with UNSPOKEN

Valley Real Life
1831 S Barker Rd., Spokane Valley, WA

7:30pm Friday, August 20, 2021

Details: Suggested donation is $15 RSVP - per seat - to help cover concert and band expenses.

This is a NON-ticketed event - Once you have registered your RSVP below, we will send you a confirmation email that your name will be listed on the Master WILL CALL list awaiting your arrival the evening of the show.

General Admission doors open at 6pm - those who have registered with their RSVP on the form below will be given entry first. After registered attendees have been seated, others may come in if space remains.

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General Admission

This is a Non-Ticketed event - See Note Above. Suggested donation to RSVP is $15 per seat.



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