Trafficking Signs to Look For / Working With Survivors of Trafficking

Helping Captives Education Center
14415 E. Sprague Ave., Suite 2, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Tuesday, December 5 and Tuesday, December 19, 2023 - 6-7:30pm

Trafficking Signs to Look For - Tuesday December 5, 2023 6-7:30pm

In this FREE class we will talk about practical steps you can take if you believe someone you know is being groomed or trafficked. We will discuss the signs of trafficking and how to recognize it. We will also discuss how to identify trafficking victims in a professional environment.


Working With Survivors of Trafficking - Tuesday December 19, 2023 6-7:30pm

If you have a heart to work with trafficking survivors, or victims of complex trauma, this FREE class can prepare you to know what to expect. We will teach how to work with survivors and victims of trafficking. We will cover the basics of trauma and how to recognize the symptoms, and answer what is complex trauma and PTSD. We will discuss the basics of trauma informed care, and the basics of working with people who have experienced complex trauma and how to work with them from a trauma informed perspective.

These classes are offered for FREE, but registration is encouraged as seats are limited. Adult subject matter, ages 14+ recommended. Register here.


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