Transformational Truth

Fourth Memorial Church
2000 N Standard St, Spokane, WA 99207

March 1 & 2, 2024 - see times below

Join Path of Life for our annual educational event.

On Friday night, enjoy dinner, worship, and a presentation by Dr. Kristin Collier on how the cells of babies are found in the mother even after the baby is no longer in the womb.

Saturday, we will hear from Dr. Kristin Collier and Joe Dallas Joe Dallas is an author, conference speaker, and pastoral counselor. He’s the Founder of Cloudfire Ministries in Tustin, California, which is a counseling ministry for men dealing with sexual addiction and other sexual/relational problems. He received his Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Vision University, is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. and hosts a weekly video podcast called Christians in a Cancel Culture, and bi-weekly teaching series called Sound Doctrine Bites. There will be a Q & A time with both Dr. Collier and Joe Dallas as well.

Doors open at 6:00 PM and the event runs from 6:30-9pm Friday evening. The event runs from 8am-3pm on Saturday.

For more information visit: Path of Life.


March 1 & 2, 2024 - see times below
Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 6-7pm
Sunday, March 10, 2024 - 3-4:30pm
Sunday, March 10, 2024 - 5-7pm
March 12, 2024 - 5:30-6:30pm
Friday, March 15, 2024 - 7pm
Friday, March 15, 2024
March 6-7, 2024
March 29, 2024 - 6-7:30pm; March 30, 2024 - 11am-12:30pm & 6-7:30pm
Easter Weekend, March 29-31, 2024
Saturday, April 6, 2023 - 7pm
Tuesdays, March 5 through April 11, 2024 - 6:30-9pm
Apr 19, 2024 from 2–11:30pm & Apr 20, 2024 from 7:30am–4pm

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