Water for Life: One-day On-air Event

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Thank you Shine listeners! We raised $12,290 during our One Day Partnership with Water for Life - this local volunteer ministry digs fresh water wells in rural Guatemalan villages!

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Listeners Continue to Sponsor the Digging of Guatemala Wells

This is an update from Water for Life about the 2021 Guatemala digging season. In addition to maintaining the wells the season accomplished over 40 new village wells:

Water for Life is a local, Spokane charity which Shine 104.9 has partnered with for over a decade in the digging of fresh water wells in rural villages. Nine volunteers flew from the USA to Guatemala last winter to join the ten dedicated Guatemalan workers on site, each having a passion to provide safe water and to share the gospel of grace. A few of these indigenous workers include Edgar and David, who drill, and Huberto, who installs pumps. Partnering with local Guatemalan workers allows drilling to happen year-round in the country, rather than simply during the winter months when the American volunteers can travel to work in Guatemala. 

Edgar, David and the volunteers have completed 41 wells in 2021. Not only have Shine 104.9 listeners sponsored dozens of wells in rural villages, but the outreach widens as local workers now annually give hundreds of Bible studies. They have handed out 3,300 Spanish Bibles, this year alone.  Locals Berny, Samuel, and Theresa follow-up with villages where the wells have been drilled and  have helped facilitate about 150 baptisms, while building 12 churches, and several children's classrooms by the churches. 

Water for Life founder Gary Bartholomew says, “Thank you Shine 104.9 donors!  This work cannot grow without you.  Thank you for your prayers and donations; feel free to come join us on a mission trip to our project in the "land of eternal Spring."  Learn more at: www.guatemalawells.org

For more information about this local Spokane, volunteer well drilling ministry, visit Water for Life at: guatemalawells.com


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