Water for Life: One-day On-air Event

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Join us Wednesday, December 14 for our annual One Day Partnership Event with Water for Life - this local volunteer ministry digs fresh water wells in rural Guatemalan villages!

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Listeners Continue to Sponsor the Digging of Guatemala Wells

Water for Life is a local, Spokane charity which Shine 104.9 has partnered with for over a decade in the digging of fresh water wells in rural villages.

This is an update from Water for Life about the 2022 Guatemala digging season:

The crews of Guatemalan men are working well, the Lord has given us some great workers and the ministry is up to over 190 fresh-water wells now drilled in villages, including maintaining the wells so they do not break-down. We are getting to the point where drillers and people from the U.S. go down in the role of mentors, rather than being the main drillers, this is the future for Water For Life. There have been some major repairs to the rotary drill rig. We do a well dedication of each well when it is completed, and introduce Bible workers to the village who will provide follow-up Bible studies and Christian resources. Berny is our local pastor/leader and has about 11 people working with him on the Bible work, and even construction of churches – wonderful! It will cost about $11,000 to send the annual shipping container filled with drilling supplies and health-care equipment that has been donated (up from $6,000 cost in past years). A couple from America provided dental care and they are planning another trip this next year to do more dental work and construction; they worked with Berny and they’d like to fit out a dental van that could be down in Guatemala year-round to offer mobile dental care.

Water for Life founder Gary Bartholomew says, “Thank you Shine 104.9 donors!  This work cannot grow without you.  Thank you for your prayers and donations; feel free to come join us on a mission trip to our project in the "land of eternal Spring." 

For more information about this local Spokane, volunteer well drilling ministry, visit Water for Life at: Guatemalawells.com.


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