J.J. Hemingway

Originally from Seattle, J.J. is the afternoon host on Shine 104.9.  He followed in his father's footsteps and made radio his career, starting at age 16 in his hometown of Seattle, and since then has worked coast-to-coast in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota.  J.J. has been a big part of Spokane radio since 1998.  And he has his own production company for 19 years called "CBS-Spokane" which provides voiceovers and narrations for radio stations and companies all over the U.S.

J.J. has a son living in Georgia and a daughter living in the Seattle area. He is a fan of movies, music, and concerts. He also bowls and has had a number of 300 games to his credit. J.J. is a big fan of the Seattle Mariners, the Seahawks and of course the Cougs and Zags!

J.J. attends Life Center here in Spokane and his Christian faith is a very important part of his life (he's been a Christian since the age of 16), and the way he ends his radio show everyday is with this -- "No matter what the weather's like you can always, and I do mean always, let the SON shine in your life.”

His life verses are Romans 8:38-39... the fact that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God that is in Jesus Christ our Lord is a pretty awesome promise!!!!

JJ appreciates you being part of his listening family!!!!

Want to contact JJ? Send an email to him at studio@shine1049.org

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